Friday , December 14 2018
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SEGA Just Released 25 Classic Games on the Amazon Fire TV

How many times can you replay the same twelve video games from your childhood? Apparently, a lot. Between the NES Classic, Super Nintendo Classic, the Sony PlayStation Classic, and the ’90s-era kaleidoscope of old school games that’s available on our current-gen consoles’ online stores, there is no shortage of nostalgia …

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The Top 25 Passwords in 2018 Are an Embarrassment to Humankind

Getty ImagesSitthiphong Thadakun / EyeEm A couple years back, Russia hacked an election. You might recall that. In 2018, billions of people were affected by massive security breaches across the world. Our collective wariness of artificial intelligence, data mining, and even voting machines has been heightened. And yet, we dumbass …

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The Brutal Hour-Long Pushup Workout for a Good Cause

South_agency / Getty What It Is: The #HourPushUpChallenge is an annual fundraising event that challenges fitness enthusiasts to complete as many pushups as possible within a one-hour time frame. It may sound grueling, but the payoff is huge: Monetary pledges, donated on a per-pushup basis, can be collected with 100% …

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Is Honey an Effective Pre-Workout Snack?

Mónica Durán / EyeEm / Getty Opening Arguments Defense Sugars, which are a type of carbohydrate, are broken down within our bodies to give cells the energy they need to not just function during a normal day but also provide the power to push through intense workouts. Honey is a …

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The Most Dubious Celebrity Romance of 2018

Since 1962, Esquire’s Dubious Achievement Awards have honored the most preposterous, egomaniacal, and monstrous behavior of the past year. Here is one of our winners, swooping in with the hottest, most transactional celebrity romance of 2018, which only a cartoon could do justice. See the rest of our Dubious Achievement …

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