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The 8-Week Training Plan for Six-Pack Abs

skynesher / Getty Why is this abs workout different from any other? Simple: This eight-week program has been carefully selected to work your entire midsection, hitting your abs from every angle, three times a week. The abs, while actually one muscle, really function as three different sections (upper, lower, and …

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The 20-minute full-body HIIT workout to burn fat

milan2099 / Getty Who says every (or, really, any) gym visit needs to be an hours-long slog? With high-intensity interval training (HIIT) you can hit it hard and be done in just 20 minutes. “This effective workout is designed to burn fat while building a lean, cut physique,” says Brynn Putnam, founder …

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The Beach Body Arms Workout

DaniloAndjus / Getty Going to the beach can be the source of anxiety for a lot of people. But if you’ve been sticking with your fitness goals, it could be the perfect place to show off the hard work you’ve been doing in the gym and in the kitchen. If …

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What Is DOMS, and How Does It Affect My Workouts?

Corey Jenkins / Getty Walk into any gym, and there’s a solid chance you’ll hear someone talking about how sore their muscles are from a workout they did the other day. That soreness, known commonly as DOMS, or delayed-onset muscle soreness, affects countless athletes and bodybuilders in the days after …

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