Tuesday , June 18 2019
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How Tuzar Skipper Made His NFL Dreams a Reality

Kyle Lieberman / M+F Magazine Unlike with the Gronks and Mannings of the world, football wasn’t ingrained in Tuzar Skipper’s family tradition, but it’s clearly in his DNA. “It was something I wanted to do in high school,” Skipper says. “I didn’t have a football background, so I was just …

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The Ultimate Workout for Wider, Stronger Shoulders

Tauseef Asri / M+F Magazine Olympic and professional athletes have them. So do bodybuilders, longshoremen, lumberjacks, and pretty much anyone we innately identify as a pillar of strength. In fact, of all the muscle groups, it is the one that most clearly distinguishes a longtime athlete from a guy who’s …

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Amanda Lawrence Sets 3 World Records, Wins IPF Worlds

theipf / Instagram American powerlifter Amanda Lawrence walked away from her first IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships a very happy camper. The 84-kg lifter clinched a big win over fellow American Daniella Melo, and set three world records along the way.  The pair’s face-off was incredibly hyped ahead of the competition, …

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The Rock's 'Hobbs & Shaw' Leg Workout Looks Like a Nightmare

Frank Masi/Universal Pictures One of the most impressive aspects of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s fitness routine is that it’s all encompassing. He doesn’t stop after building crescent-moon bi’s or mountainous shoulders for those moneymaking, shirtless action scenes—he’s dedicated to building his body from head to toe, highlighted by a pair …

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