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Is Training With BOSU Balls Effective?

leezsnow / Getty BOSU balls—they’re as ubiquitous as squat racks and mirror selfies in gyms today. But, depending on your sensibilities, they’re either the logical evolution of balance and core training, or they’re simply another gimmick, primed to go the way of the Shake Weight and the Ab Lounge. Below, …

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IFBB Pro Heather Dees' Quad-Focused Workout

Chris Nicoll One thing’s for certain—Heather Dees knows how to look stunning onstage. The 34-year-old IFBB figure pro, personal trainer, posing coach, and master aesthetician and cosmetologist expertly covers all the bases of perfect presentation, translating that knowledge into 20 top-five finishes thus far in her decade-long pro career, including …

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Three High-Volume Leg Workouts for Bigger, Denser Thighs

Per Bernal My program, Y3T (Yoda 3 Training)—which I use to train elite-level bodybuilders like William Bonac and six-time 212 Olympia winner Flex Lewis—has gained a reputation among even the most hardcore trainees as being, well, absolutely painstakingly savage. More specifically, the third week of the program, aka “Hell Week,” …

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