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5 Reasons Your Turkish Getup Sucks

James Michelfelder / M+F Magazine Fix These Getup Gaffes 1) Your setup is all wrong Many guys curl the weight up to their shoulder while on their back, which can lead to rotator cuff injuries. Instead, “lie on your side with knees and hips at 45-degree angles and put both …

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Everything You Need to Know About Muscle Fibers

Per Bernal / M+F Magazine Muscle Fibers: What’s the difference? Type I (Slow-Twitch)ROLE: Endurance-focused, slower to fatigue. Has a lot of mitochondria (the energy units of the cell); not much power.FIND IT: Muscles that work hard over long periods of time, such as postural muscles, the calves, and the hip …

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Ashley Kaltwasser's Tips for a Top-Notch Physique

Per Bernal Since the bikini competition category was established at the Olympia eight years ago, Ashley Kaltwasser has stood at the top spot three times (2013–2015), becoming the first rookie to take the title in 2013.  Since her first competition in 2011, Kaltwasser has placed first in 15 IFBB Pro League events. …

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Top 10 Natural Anabolics for 2018

Photo provided by Strong Supplements via Getty Images The Top 10 Natural Anabolics for 2018 see continued innovation and growth as more compounds are identified and introduced to the market. Natural Anabolics have surged to the forefront of the industry due to impressive customer results and the continuous formula improvements …

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This Guy Just Lifted Your Max Deadlift Over His Head

DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP/Getty Images Gripping and ripping 580 pounds is an impressive feat that’ll earn you some serious cred among your fellow gym bros. And cleaning that much weight up to your shoulders is bananas. But pressing it all overhead? That’s some Thanos-type strength. Well, Georgian weightlifter—and the gold medalist in …

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Which Are Healthier: Juices or Smoothies?

Ezra Bailey / Westend61 / Getty These days, cold-pressed juice bars sell gleaming bottles of red and green stuff for crazy cash. But should you be subbing in these fancy juices for your stalwart smoothie? Absolutely not, says Monica Auslander Moreno, a registered dietitian with Miami-based Essence Nutrition. These juices …

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How to Do the Pec Minor Dip

Per Bernal Dips are a must-do foundational move for a big chest, but by tweaking them, you can reap even better gains. That’s because conventional dips focus only on the pectoralis major, not the pec minor, the smaller but no less important chest muscle that lies beneath the pec major. …

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