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Joe Manganiello Shuts Down Internet Troll

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Film star, fitness inspiration, and all-around nice guy Joe Manganiello has been very vocal about his love for the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, so when an internet troll took a pot-shot at his beloved hobby, he was quick to come to his fellow “geeks’” defense.

All Elite Wrestling wrestler and internet troll Maxwell Jacob Friedman took a jab at the “nerds” who play Dungeons & Dragons in a tweet on Tuesday. He shared a selfie of himself flexing with the caption,” I don’t play dungeons and dragons [sic].”



Manganiello had just two words for him, “I do.” He tweeted his reply with a photo of his Muscle & Fitness cover.



Friedman clapped back, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself Joey.”




MJF’s tweet may have been prompted by his upcoming match against Brandon Cutler, who has been open about his love for the game. It’s a clever ploy to stir up hype around their match, which will take during AEW’s television premiere on October 2. However, Friedman has made a reputation for being a bully and internet troll, applying his in-the-ring persona to his real life. His current pinned tweet reads:



Maybe he can take a cue from wrestlers like Triple H, John Cena, and The Rock, who played villains in the ring, but are well-known stand-up guys in their normal lives.

Manganiello wasn’t the only one who had something to say to Friedman. Voice actor and host of Twitch’s most popular Dungeons & Dragons stream Critical Role, Matt Mercer, also came to the community’s defense.



Friedman only doubled down, replying:




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