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The Rock's 'Hobbs & Shaw' Leg Workout Looks Like a Nightmare

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One of the most impressive aspects of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s fitness routine is that it’s all encompassing. He doesn’t stop after building crescent-moon bi’s or mountainous shoulders for those moneymaking, shirtless action scenes—he’s dedicated to building his body from head to toe, highlighted by a pair of legs that are more impressive than anything you’ll see in theaters this summer.

As always, the strategy from Team Rock is to value function and aesthetics equally; it doesn’t matter how great he looks if he doesn’t have the athleticism to back it all up, after all. And for August’s The Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Johnson’s core and lower-body workouts were a big part of getting the actor to perform the on-screen physicality the production required of him.


“One major key with all of these scenes is making sure he’s not going to get himself injured, and that his body’s going to be capable of doing the scenes,” Dave Rienzi, Johnson’s trainer, told us. “So we’re really managing to make sure that all the muscles are firing properly, there are no muscle imbalances.”

“We do a lot of training for the core, we do a lot of training for the glutes,” he continued, “just to make sure that he has all of that stability, and all of that base strength there.”

To get a taste of the work The Rock put in to get ready for Hobbs & Shaw, check out one of his leg workouts.


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