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The Brutal Hour-Long Pushup Workout for a Good Cause

South_agency / Getty What It Is: The #HourPushUpChallenge is an annual fundraising event that challenges fitness enthusiasts to complete as many pushups as possible within a one-hour time frame. It may sound grueling, but the payoff is huge: Monetary pledges, donated on a per-pushup basis, can be collected with 100% …

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Is Honey an Effective Pre-Workout Snack?

Mónica Durán / EyeEm / Getty Opening Arguments Defense Sugars, which are a type of carbohydrate, are broken down within our bodies to give cells the energy they need to not just function during a normal day but also provide the power to push through intense workouts. Honey is a …

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Roger the Jacked Kangaroo Passes Away

RITA PANAHI/ Twitter Roger the ripped kangaroo passed away this weekend at the age of 12, due to natural causes. The massive marsupial gained a following on social media due to his size and muscle definition, standing at 6′, 7″ and weighing in at 196 lbs.         View …

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Is Training With BOSU Balls Effective?

leezsnow / Getty BOSU balls—they’re as ubiquitous as squat racks and mirror selfies in gyms today. But, depending on your sensibilities, they’re either the logical evolution of balance and core training, or they’re simply another gimmick, primed to go the way of the Shake Weight and the Ab Lounge. Below, …

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IFBB Pro Heather Dees' Quad-Focused Workout

Chris Nicoll One thing’s for certain—Heather Dees knows how to look stunning onstage. The 34-year-old IFBB figure pro, personal trainer, posing coach, and master aesthetician and cosmetologist expertly covers all the bases of perfect presentation, translating that knowledge into 20 top-five finishes thus far in her decade-long pro career, including …

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