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The 4-Move Workout to Improve Grip Strength

C Flanigan / Getty When it comes to dominating an obstacle course race (OCR), your ability to hang is paramount. And that comes down to your grip strength—whether it’s swinging from the monkey bars or climbing up a rope, having well-conditioned forearms is a must. According to Hunter McIntyre, a …

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Is HIIT as Effective as Longer Cardio for Fat Loss?

Westend61 / Getty Whether you love or hate cardio, any bodybuilder or coach will tell you that it’s a necessary aspect of any fat-loss plan. But what varies these days is often the athlete’s preferred method of cardio. Some swear that traditional longer, moderate-intensity sessions are best for dropping fat, while …

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Get the November 2018 Issue of ‘Muscle & Fitness’

Per Bernal / M+F Magazine The November issue of Muscle & Fitness has all of the workout tips, muscle-building recipes, and motivation you need to stay in shape as the temperature starts to drop. To whet your appetite for the November 21 release of Creed II, we’ve got an in-depth feature with Dolph Lundgren, who is returning …

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Breast Cancer in Men: Everything You Need to Know

DawnPoland/Getty October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and although the disease is less common for men, it’s still something that we should know about and have on our radars. Number of Men Affected According to the American Cancer Society, about 2,550 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed …

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Best Memes to Come Out of Canada Legalizing Weed

Marcel ter Bekke / Getty Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all summer (we wouldn’t blame you), you’ve probably heard that Canada has been making major moves to legalize recreational marijuana. On October 17, our neighbor to the north finally succeeded in becoming the first major world economy to …

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